Zoe Crosher:
Almost the Same (Camera)
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Zoe Crosher: Almost the Same (Camera)
Digital C-Print
8 1/8 × 25 7/8 in (23.2 × 65.7 cm)
Edition of 20
Courtesy of the artists and Art in General

Art in General is pleased to announce a new limited edition artwork by Zoe Crosher, Almost the Same (Camera). Crosher’s impressive career includes being featured in Art in General’s 30th Anniversary exhibition Walking Forward-Running Past in 2011, as well being one of only five artists featured in MoMA’s 2012 New Photography exhibition, and her inclusion in the 2010 California Biennial. The artist was also awarded the prestigious Art Here and Now Award by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and won the Rauschenberg Award in collaboration with The Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) in 2013.

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Through her dynamic studio practice, Crosher uses photography as the starting point to examine the mapping of the imaginary / fiction of documentary, pursuing an image practice that is conceptual in orientation yet rooted in vernacular representation. In Almost the Same (Camera), there is awareness and intimacy in the posed images that play in the psychological space between fantasy and reality. Incorporating the most subtle change, here a smile and a shift of the foot, the artist reveals something more about the poser, somehow activating the work and intriguing and engaging the viewer in the unspoken story.

Zoe Crosher is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Interested in the gaps between expectation and misremembering, so perfectly suited to the conditions of photography, Crosher questions the notion of truth of documentary and the single image, as well as the efficacy of the archive. By collapsing and confusing the real and the fake, and blurring reality, image, material and disappearance, she explores the disconnects between the fantasy of something and its history and reality – something she is coining the ‘Imagiatic’. Realized primarily as photographs and bronzed sculptures, as well as ‘stand-in collaborations’ with other artists, her work has been included in numerous museum and gallery exhibitions. In 2015, she had a solo presentation at The Palm Springs Museum in Palm Desert, and her current projects, LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds and LA-LIKE: Escaped Exotics were up this past fall at LAXART in Los Angeles. From 2013-2015, Crosher worked with the Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) on The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, a series she initiated of artist-produced billboards and activations that unfolded along the Interstate 10 Freeway from Florida to California that continued through the summer of 2015.

Named a “prominent Los Angeles artist” by The New York Times, Crosher’s work is included in various international, private and museum collections including The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Palm Springs Museum, and the Pérez Art Museum Miami. In 2012, she took part in MoMA’s New Photography show, and in 2011 she was a recipient of the prestigious “Art Here and Now Award,” awarded by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Together with LAND, she is a 2013 co-recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation “Artistic Innovation and Collaboration Award” and the 2015 Smithsonian Ingenuity of the Year Award with Shamim M. Momim. Numerous books have been published on her work, including one recently released in February 2016 (and sold out) by Hesse Press and a four-volume set by Aperture Ideas. She is the founder and president of the Los Angeles branch of The Fainting Club and a fellow at the Royal Society of the Arts in London, was Associate/Assistant Editor of the journal Afterall, and has taught at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. Crosher received an MFA from California Institute of Arts (CalArts) in 2001.