Josh Melnick: The 8 Train
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Josh Melnick

Volume 22 in The New Commissions Publication series, the book, The 8 Train, is a record of talking about multiple ways of looking at something that cannot usually be seen, and may be impossible to describe–a degree of temporal detail unfamiliar to a naked eye. The 8 Train has the same title as Melnick’s near-static video portraits of passengers on the New York City subway installed at Art In General in 2009, yet the book is not a document of the project. Rather than prescribing meaning through documentation and analytical description, the publication takes Melnick’s video portraits as a point of departure for a multifaceted dialogue with several experts on time, perception, time-based art, and consciousness. Edited by Angie Keefer and with contributions from AnneBarlow, Mark Beasley, Eva Diaz, Naomi Fry, Dan Hill, Prem Krishnamurthy, Ermal Lamcaj, Ohad Meromi, Walter Murch, Christopher Phillips, Sharon Salzberg, Jean-Paul Sartre, Cara Starke, Lawrence Weschler, and Gregory Zinman. Designed by Project Projects.

6 × 8 × 1.5 inches; softcover. 84 text pages and 64 image pages, 2012.

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