Rancourt/Yatsuk: Phase IV
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Justin Rancourt and Chuck Yatsuk

Volume 23 in the New Commissions Publication series about Justin Rancourt and Chuck Yatsuk’s installation and performance project. In Phase IV Rancourt/Yatsuk enact the story of fictitious star realtor Don Donavucci in his desperate attempts to complete a model home and sell plots for his idyllic suburban development. The publication mimics a glossy informational brochure and reflects on the absurdities of planned communities, the futility of the quest for utopia, and the resulting damage done to the American landscape. Includes contributions from the artists, Art in General Executive Director AnneBarlow, project curator Nina Horisaki-Christens, and Andres Duany with Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk & Jeff Speckthe.

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